Beauty and the Beat is a song played in the episode "Take a Hike!" As the song plays, the characters—barring Madison and Tamika, who are in a different location during the song—are depicted in a surreal manner. After an introductory instrumental and dialogue from Sunny as the music shifts, the song features Sunny singing brief phrases to the background music.

Genre: R&B, funk, dance-pop

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

[Background music shifts to up-tempo music]
Sunny: All right, I wanna see everybody on the dance floor! Well, just stand where you are. Monsters, beasts—whatever, no excuses. I want to see who can get the loosest. All right? Here we go!
All right.
Get to it.
All right.
Do it.
All right.
Down on the dance floor.
All right.
Get loose.
Break it down, now.

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