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Big Robot on Campus is the eighth episode in Season 2 of Class of 3000.


Jared, the most popular kid in school, hosts a party but does not invite Philly Phil. Philly Phil creates a robot named Broc designed to be popular, but only his robot becomes popular and he remains unpopular. Eventually, Broc turns on Philly Phil and becomes a bully. Meanwhile, Sunny attempts to host a celebration for the 101st anniversary of Westley and makes the theme the turn of the century, but no one is willing to participate. The celebration commences, and it turns out to be a success. When Sunny flies a plane as a tribute, Broc makes Sunny look like a traitor when he takes control of the plane and makes its clouds read "Westley stinks". Philly Phil fixes the plane so it changes the clouds to "Westley still the greatest after 101 years". The crowd finds out that Jared and his friends were responsible for the plane mishap, causing them to get jeered at while Philly Phil is commended for helping Sunny with the plane tribute.


Tamika: I don't see why Principal Luna had us come in early for an assembly. He ain't even gonna start on time.
Madison: I know. I still have sleep in my eye. (pulls out a pillow from her eye)

Sunny: Gimme a W! (the crowd is dead silent)
Principal Luna: This is awkward. Assembly dismissed! (the crowd runs out of the auditorium)
Sunny: So nobody's got a W for me? What's a man gotta do to get a W?
Eddie: You know you guys, I feel real bad about what happened with Sunny. All he wanted was a W.
Madison: I would've given him one, but all I've got are these M's. (She pulls out an M from her purse, and Lil' D turns it around so it looks like a W.)

Philly Phil (bummed about not being invited to a party) Oh!
Madison: Sorry, Philly Phil. No O's, only zeroes! (Sticks a zero on his shirt)

Tamika: Nobody makes fun of my friends but me!

Madison: Poor robots. Can't live with them, can't turn them into a pony.


  • Video premiere: August 6, 2007.


  • Song: Turn of the Century
  • Philly Phil's robot is named Broc, which stands for "baddest robot on campus".
  • This is the first time Madison dresses like a black cat while the kids were spies.


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