Cartoon Network was the channel where the original series Class of 3000 was hosted and created. Class of 3000 was approved by the Turner Broadcasting System in 2006. Class of 3000 ran from 2006-2008, not including reruns. "Funky Monkey" and "Peanuts! Get Yer Peanuts" were shown on Cartoon Network 20th Birthday October 1-31, 2012. Also Li'l D was spotted on the Cartoon Network 20th Birthday poster smashing his drum sticks on Robot Jones' head. A few months after Class of 3000 reached episode 10, Cartoon Network ran a five hour marathon from 6:00-11pm with former Cartoon Network President, Jim Samples, hosting it.

Cartoon Network Approval[edit | edit source]

Class of 3000 was the last show to be approved by Cartoon Network Studios through the early 2000's. Class of 3000 was later cancelled for an unknown reason. Jim Samples, second president of Cartoon Network Studios, was the person to approve of Class of 3000 until he got replaced by Stuart Synder, the current Cartoon Network president.

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