"Christmas is Being Here Together" is the third and last song played in "The Class of 3000 Christmas Special". This song expresses the true meaning of Christmas. It features a montage of events that occurred over the series.


Tamika: [Laughs] It's Tamika right here. You know what I'm saying? It's Christmastime!
Madison: The mistletoe is hanging
Above the kitchen door; look out!
Eddie: The tree looks better than
It ever did before.
Kim and Kam: Gifts are waiting
For sister, mom and brother...
Philly Phil: But what's so great is that
We all have each other.
All: Christmas is all about,
Christmas is being here together.
(Tamika: Yeah, yeah, yeah!)
All: It's Christmas time again...
Kim: And we all had a great year.
All: And now we've come together...
Eddie: To celebrate good cheer.
All: Our family and close friends
Philly Phil: Is what it's all about.
All: Let's all show we've got the room
For all the love we got.
Madison: Forget the monster rocket...
Tamika: And the singing baby doll...
Eddie: Electric baseball bats...
Lil' D: Princess wigs and bouncing balls.
Kam: Video games are nice...
Tamika: But will one day go away!
Philly Phil: We are a family,
And that is here to stay 'cause—
All: Christmas is all about,
Christmas is being here together!
Santa: Ho ho ho!
Mrs. Claus: Merry Christmas, everybody! Oh!


  • Christmas is not just the exchanging of gifts—loved ones and family are more important.


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