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Class of 3000 Music: Volume One is an audio CD that plays all the songs from the first season of Class of 3000. Class of 3000 was planning a season 2 CD but Class of 3000 was already cancelled by then.

Class of 3000 theme song[]

The Class of 3000 theme song was 4:32 minutes long because of the extra part in the beginning of the song and also for the long ending sequence.


  1. "Class of 3000 Theme"
  2. "Life Without Music"
  3. "Throwdown"
  4. "Oh, Peanut"
  5. "Banana Zoo"
  6. "Fight the Blob"
  7. "Richer Shade of Blue"
  8. "We Want Your Soul"
  9. "UFO Ninja"
  10. "Kim Kam Jam"
  11. "Luna Love"
  12. "Crayon"
  13. "Cool Kitty"
  14. "My Mentor"