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This is the show's main theme. Italics meant that the lines were heard from the TV version. While the normal font meant it was heard from the album version.


Sunny: Good mornin' little people.
Class: Good mornin' Sunny!
Sunny: Alright. Madison?
Madison: Speakiiing!
Sunny: Eddie?
Eddie: Present!
Sunny: Tamika?
Tamika: What-up!
Sunny: Kim? Kam?
Kim: Right here!
Kam: Right here.
Sunny: Philly Phil!
Philly Phil: Uh...Here?
Sunny: Lil' D... LIL' D!
Class: Aaaaawww YEAH!
Sunny: Class of 3000, sing!
Class: La la la-la-la la la-la la la-la-la la la la-la-la la la-la la la-la laaaaaaaa!!!!
Sunny: Now Philly Phil! You and Lil' D, y'all hold that groove tight! Hypnotize 'em so you can take'em where ya wanna take'em!
Tamika and Chorus: Hey Sunny, can we take'em to the bridge!? Huh, huh, huh? Hey Sunny, can we take'em to the bridge!?
Sunny: Uhhhhhhhh, Okay!
Madison: Ooh! I know that one! London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London Bridge is falling down!
Kam and Chorus: So much reality TV, that real life becomes a sitcom.
If you ain't got no rhythm, we gon' show ya how to get some,
Class: YEAH!
Kam: This beat is ferocious.
Kim: Yeah, like a big ol' tiger!
Sunny: CLASS OF 3000, SING!
Class: La la la-la-la la la-la la la-la-la la la la-la-la la la-la la la-la laaaaaaaa!
Lil' D: Say Shawty. We gotta show these folk we don't play, even when do be playin'!
Tamika: You don't even watch cartoons. Man, that's scary. I bet if you order the banana split, you don't even eat the cherry! Man, you LAME!
Lil' D: Shawty, what'cha talkin' bout?
Sunny: Ooooh, sound like you been practicin' Eddie!
Madison: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, DO!
Sunny: Alright now, just like we rehearsed it. One-Two, One-Two-Three-here we go.

(Musical Break)

Sunny: Stay cool, now, stay cool. Ssshhh. Let the music do all... the talkin'.
Madison: Um, S-Sunny?
Sunny: Ah, Yes Madison.
Madison: 'Scuse me, but, um, the radio people don't play songs without words anymore.
Sunny: Yeah, I know. But don't you worry about that. As long as it's jammin', all the cool people'll play it.
Madison: Oh...
Philly Phil: Hey Lil' D, How you my new electro-phonic bass thingamajig. I just made it, heh!
Lil' D: Oh, that's fine.
Sunny: Now, remember lesson one.
Chorus: Be yourself 'cause no one else can take your seat at cool school.
Sunny: That's right.
Chorus: Class of 3000. Be yourself 'cause no one else can do that thang like you do.
Sunny: Right again.
Chorus: Class of 3000.
Sunny: And always remember to let'em know where you come from, just so they know
Chorus: Bankhead, Buckhead, Bankhead, Buckhead, Bankhead, Buckhead, go ahead, go ahead.(come on)Bankhead, Buckhead, Bankhead(anytime), Buckhead, Bankhead, Buckhead, go ahead, go ahead.
Madison: Hey y'all, what about Eastpoint and CollegePark?

(Class laughs)

Sunny: Alright now Lil' D. I'm gonna need some thunder and lightnin' out them drums!
Lil' D: Alright
Sunny: Let's take'em home.
Class: Ba-da-da-da ba-dup-ba-ba-da-dup-ada
Ba-da-da-da ba-dup-ba-ba-da-dup-ada
Madison: (gasps) We're on the radio!
Eddie: Money can't by you funk, No, no, no, no!
Kam: Yeah...


Just be yourself and accept the differences of others.