Class of 3000 Wiki

Below are a set of rules when editing on the Class of 3000 Wiki.


  1. Keep it civil: When speaking with users please be respectful.
  2. No harassment: Any form of harassment or cyberbullying will not be tolerated here. Any acts of harassment such as name-calling, using capital letters to scream, or continuously posting on their message wall after being told to not talk to them, will result in a block.
  3. No vandalism: Vandalizing an article will result in a block.
  4. No plagiarism: Copying content from online sources is forbidden. Any acts of plagiarism may be handled with a warning or a block.
  5. Major edits: When making significant changes to pages such as moving pages, adding significant amount of content or removing significant amount of information, please use the edit summary to explain your changes. Major edits without any sufficient reason, may be reverted.
  6. Edit-wars: If a conflict over the content of a page breaks out, please use the talk page or message wall to talk over the disagreement. If an edit-war breaks out on a page, the page will be protected or the users engaging in the edit-war may face a warning or a block. Continuously adding or removing information from a page without providing a sufficient reason will result in a warning or a block.
  7. Edit-spamming: When necessary, please edit a page in one or few edits. Making continuous light or “fluff” edits on an article clogs up the history logs. These types of edits will be dealt with a block or a page protection.
  8. Do it yourself: If you want something done, please do it yourself. Asking users to make edits for you is considered harassment and the offending user may receive a warning or a block.
  9. Ban-evasion/sockpuppetry: Users who create or use alternate accounts to bypass a block will receive a block for their alternate account. If the original account is found to have made a sockpuppet account, then this account will also receive an extended block.


  1. Official information only: When adding content on the pages, be sure that they are accurate information from the episode or media. It is best to also add sources such as the naming the episode where something had occur in order to present the official information.
  2. Accurate information: Be sure when adding information that it is accurate. No insertion of false information or exaggerations of certain character traits within characters or events within an episode.
  3. Grammar: While editing on pages, be sure to follow English grammar rules while editing.
  4. No fan-fiction: The wiki only details information from the television show and some media related to it. Any fan-fiction will be removed and deleted. Repeat offenses of adding fan-fiction may be handled with a block.


  1. Images from episodes only: Images from episodes are allowed on articles.
  2. Good quality images: Generally images of good quality are accepted on articles. Usually .png images are preferred on articles. Images that fail to meet this rule will be deleted.
  3. No fan-art: Fan-art is not acceptable on articles and may be deleted.
  4. Unused images: Images that are not on any pages and are not being used in any capacity will be deleted.