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Edward "Eddie" Phillip James Lawrence III is one of the main characters in Class of 3000. He is one of the Westley Kids and attends at the Westley School for the Performing Arts.


Eddie is the richest kid at Westley School for the Performing Arts. Despite being rich and spoiled, He does not brag. He has a crush on Tamika as seen in most episodes. They are mostly seen together, And was mentioned in "Home" and "Westley Side Story". He has a Southern accent. Eddie primarily plays wind instruments like the trumpet, clarinet, trombone, and flute. 


  • What? They're my polo ponies.
  • No it does not. My moat is made of hot fudge.
  • And why did he make us wear these stupid beards. I wanna go home!
  • This compass has been nothin' but trouble.
  • You look like a thrift store puked on you.
  • There's nothin' like a hot air balloon race.
  • Mad at you for making me stand in the middle of the road!
  • Perhaps you would like to tango with me sometimes, Tamika. Sunny says it takes two.
  • I had a delightful weekend went swimming in my pool riding on the dolphin, it was really, really cool.
  • That was the blues, I think.
  • You know, as we stand here (whatever something and/or Phil is doing at the time), I'm starting to get second thoughts about--
  • I'm Eddie, and with my horn I'll BLOW you away!
  • Five golden rings!
  • Well I wasn't happy. I'm lucky I still have ten fingers.
  • Curse you Kam for stealing the woman I love to make the woman I love JEALOUS!
  • She hugged me! Oh I think I'm gonna...(faints)
  • Does my philanthropy impress you, Tamika?
  • What has gotten into her? She is even surlier than usual! It's so becomin'.
  • Are you sure? Maybe you caught some kind of flu bug out in that rain forest!
  • Hey, Li'l D what ever is the big idea draggin' us out into the rain? My cashmere sweater is starting to shrink.
  • But Sunny I thought you were going to judge the septathlon. Why do you think I sent you that fruit basket bribe?


  • In the second episode, he has eight to ten fingers at a time because he is rich.
  • Before "Eddie's Money", He is 12 years old.
  • In "Eddie's Money", he reveals that he doesn't have any bad days. However, Father opened the opening delay of his new roller coaster. For two painful hours, he couldn't ride the whiplash.
  • A running gag in the series is when one of Philly Phil's inventions is about to cause an explosion Eddie says "You know ,as we stand here watching a 13 year old (whatever Phil is doing at the time), I'm beginning to have second thoughts about--" normally said thing explodes during or right after he says it, to which he says "never mind."
  • In "Prank Yankers", he reveals that he paid a lot of money to throw a lot of money to throw away that money's worth so he can get his money's worth.
  • Eddie says that it feels like standing in the middle of the road when he plays the clarinet.
  • He brought a Swiss Alps horn when he talks about his ancestral past, Meaning he has some Swiss descent.
  • Eddie is the only one in "Am I Blue?" not to turn blue at all.
  • Eddie's clarinet is quite different, as it is cyan instead of the usual black. 
  • Eddie does not know the value of a dollar.
  • Eddie's hair is based off of Wayne Cochran, A soul singer in the 1960s known as "The White James Brown".
  • Eddie's voice sounds almost like the title character from SpongeBob SquarePants since they're both voiced by Tom Kenny.