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Eddie's Money is the sixth episode in Season 1 of Class of 3000.


Sunny tries to teach the kids about playing the blues, but has no success with Eddie, as he's never wanted for anything in his life. As he attempts to play, Eddie accidentally breaks his clarinet's reed, and tosses it into the trash (though reeds are easily replaceable). The scene changes to Eddie's birthday party, to which he invites all of his classmates, but seems to be the only one not enjoying himself. Sunny gives him a compass that directs him to his real present, and Eddie and Lil' D leave the party in a helicopter to follow it. The helicopter is wrecked by Cheddar Man and Eddie's cell phone is eaten by a dog, leaving the boys stranded in the middle of town. The compass leads the boys to Eddie's present: the clarinet which he had previously thrown away. In despair, Eddie tries to play for money on a street corner for bus fare, and manages to understand the blues at last. He understands that Sunny's present wasn't the clarinet, but a lesson to count his blessings.


  • Eddie: My helicopter is trashed. I smell like garbage. A dog is using up my cell phone minutes, and I'm missing my own party! This is the worst day ever!
  • Kam: Is it okay if I ride the "Neck Snapper" without signing the liability waver first?
    Eddie: Sure.
  • Eddie: Just don't get your tongue stuck to the life size ice sculpture of me.
    Madison: (tongue stuck to sculpture) Now he tells us.
  • Tamika: Stop, boy. You're messin' up the illusion.
    Philly Phil: But it's a chocolate nutastic illusion.
  • Cheddar Man: You want some custom bristle action figures?
    Lil' D: They just some toothbrushes.
    Eddie: Used toothbrushes.
  • Sulu: Master Eddie, would you like me to blow out the candles for you?
    Philly Phil: No he can do it. Can't you, Eddie?
  • Eddie:Thank you, Sulu that'll be all for now.


  • Early in the episode, Eddie's clarinet reed broke, which is why he threw it out. But later on in the episode, when he finds and uses it to play the blues, it works perfectly, even though he never replaced the reed.
  • This is the first episode to star mainly Eddie.
  • The title is a reference to Eddie Money, a singer.
  • Song: A Richer Shade of Blue: Eddie and Li'l D are blue, along with the rest of the background, and the setting is still A-Town.
    • Even though only Eddie and Lil' D are performing in "Richer Shade of Blue", Sunny is heard singing parts of the song.
    • Part of "A Richer Shade of Blue" includes a reference to the flood in "Idlewild Blues".
  • This episode's running gag involves something catching on fire (usually thanks to Philly Phil), and Eddie's butler zipping up and blasting it (and Phil) with a fire extinguisher.
  • Kim and Kam were the only students who didn't sing their blues song.
  • Kim was grossed out over Eddie and Li'l D smelling of garbage.
  • Eddie has his own arcade.
  • Sulu, Eddie's butler, is a reference to Star Trek.
  • The crocobear ate Sunny's hat; however, Sunny managed to get it back. It seems he bribed him for it by shaving off all his fur, and making a hat out of it for Sulu.
  • Cheddar Man owns a helicopter repair shop called Whirley Lube.
  • Eddie tried paying his $1000 bill to the bus in order to catch a ride home with Li'l D, but the bus did not take it because it cannot take that amount. So, he gave the bus ride to 1000 people, instead.


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