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Funk Box is a Class of 3000 game on certain Cartoon Network sites which features the main Class of 3000 characters. The game has two venues, the Findley Plaza and an auditorium. The seven music students play two different instruments each, and there are several music samples of each of the instruments. Philly Phil plays the stand-up bass and electric bass, while Kim plays the tambourine and maracas. Eddie plays the trumpet and clarinet, and Lil' D plays two different drums. Tamika plays acoustic and electric guitars, while Madison plays the cello and violin and Kam plays piano and keyboard.


To make a song, click on one of the characters to see who he/she is and what he/she plays. There, several music samples are shown. Drag one of them to the playing grid, and repeat those steps however many times desired. The speed of the song may also be changed. If desired, press the play button to hear what the song will sound like so far. If unsatisfied, press the stop button and modify the song. If satisfied, you may save your song by clicking on Sunny, clicking the "Save Your Song" button and giving it a title. You can also load Sunny's song by clicking on Sunny and clicking the "Load Sunny's Sample Song" button.

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