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Kam Chin is Kim's twin brother and is one of the main characters in the series Class of 3000. 


Kam was born in Columbus, Ohio and is of Cantonese Chinese/Korean descent. He and his sister are the youngest of the Westley Side School first years and he is considered to be the smartest in school. He generally projects an air of refinement and class—or so he would like to think. He is the most mature of the Westley kids (and often the most ignored). Kam tends to be interested in many dull things such as high-grade bread. He is very eager about learning to the point that if Sunny is late to class, his brain is hurting from not learning.

Kam has an irrational fear of hang gliding into a flock of angry mallards, likes to be in an army or marching band, and mostly has trouble teaming up with Kim as shown in "Westley Side Story". Kam appears to have very bad luck and has comically terrible things happen to him at the time where he resents these things. He does not have any sweat glands (and doesn't take showers because of this) and he goes insane whenever he is too hot, as shown in Study Buddies. His instrument is the keyboard or the piano, though in "Love Is in the Hair...Net", he can also play the accordion. He is presumably 12 years old and is usually the one to start fights and arguments with Kim.


  • Is it OK if I ride the Neck Snapper without signing the liability waiver?
  • I'll go put on my fatigues.
  • Mountain goat bit me.
  • Uh uh uh... Yeah!
  • Ow my eye!
  • Sunny's on his way home.
  • Ah the meaning of life... Why are we here? What's our purpose?