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Kam Inc. is the fourteenth episode in Season 2, as well as the penultimate episode of Class of 3000.


Kam and Eddie gain a rivalry over a girl named Zelda, so they create their own company (selling cases with their face on them). But, then it goes out of hand.


  • Madison: What's wrong with your brother? He's kinda spacey today.
  • Kim: Oh. He's just got a crush on that girl, Zelda.
  • Kam: No I don't! I just have a deep admiration for her beauty, her wit, the way she smells like bubblegum mixed with carpet freshener.
  • Li'l D: Yeah, right! Sounds like you don't have a crush on her at all.
  • Eddie: Don't worry, Kam. Eddie knows what you're going through; It's that feeling you get deep down inside, and you know it's love.
  • Tamika: Don't be lookin' at me, fool. (She punches Eddie in the stomach/gut).
  • Eddie: (grunts) There's that feeling again!
  • Sunny: Now, who wanna go first?
  • Kam: Me, me!
  • Kim: Kam?
  • Kam: Back off, partner. This cowboy's going for a ride. (Kam grabs the Pull-up and grunts and struggles, to pull up himself).
  • Kam: I can't-I can't do it!
  • Kam: Ow, my eye.
  • Kam (to Eddie): Friends?
    • Eddie: Absolutely.


  • Song: Treasure: This is the only song sung by Eddie and Kam and it takes place in a board-game like setting where they became game pieces and fight over Zelda in order to save Westley and their company. The backups are performed by the other kids.
  • It is revealed in Study Buddies that Kam was born without sweat glands; however, when he is doing the pull-up, if you look closely, you can see sweat drops cascading down his head. This was probably due to the amount of strength it takes to "pull" oneself up.
  • This is the only episode in which the part when the scene pans up to the Atlanta skyline was not the final shot (in this case it is a close up of Li'l D getting scared by Madison's puppet).


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