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Li'l D proclaims himself as the unofficial leader of the Westley School's music class, whether they like it or not. He is bright, talented, confident to a fault, and is incredibly tenacious when it comes to music. Through sheer determination (as well as breaking and entering), he manages to recruit Sunny Bridges as the class's new music teacher. Although Li'l D considers himself remarkably streetwise, his overconfidence often leads him into trouble. He is considered the shortest member of the class (despite being taller than Kim and Eddie if not for his hair), standing about 4'6". Li'l D has never met his father, although he does not seem bothered by it. His instrument is the drums. In some songs, he plays a different instrument like in "The Hunt for Red Blobtober". Although he has never revealed his actual name, no one seems to notice.


  • Then it's settled.
  • Let's crank this thang up!
  • Yes sir! Yes ma'am! The whole world loves Extreme Ham!
  • Get em shorty.
  • Hey, y'all look who I found. International Music Sensation, Sunny Bridges.
  • Philly Phil, can you hear us?
  • Why you mad at Santa?
  • How bout you, Eddie?
  • All it takes is one.
  • For your third album you went all futuristic and called yourself Sunny Wan Kenobi.
  • Hey Sunny, what happened to your voice? You sounded like a cartoon character.
  • I ain't no sellout. He's a sellout.
  • I'm Lil' D, and on these drums, I throwDOWN!
  • Uh uh. I just gotta run faster than you!
  • We gon' have to do something about this!
  • So just get her back!



  • He wears a 1970s/80s Atlanta Braves baseball cap in the pilot and a captain's hat for the rest of the show.
  • Li'l D's dream is to jam with Sunny Bridges as seen in his dream in the pilot.
  • In "The Devil and Lil' D", he reveals that he can play the fiddle as he tries to get his soul out of the contract.
  • He is the fifth tallest member of the class (despite being considered the shortest), standing about 4'6". Only shorter than Tamika, Philly Phil, Madison, and Kam.
  • In 2018, Li'l D was originally going to cameo in OK K.O.!'s "Crossover Nexus" but his scene was cut due to time constraints. As a result, the creators made up for the deleted scene by having Sunny Bridges cameo in their show's final episode called "Thank You for Watching the Show."