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Life Without Music is a song played in the episode "Home". This song is played when the Westley kids are thinking about music not being in their lives.

Genre: Soul music, a-capella


[Chorus vocalizing]
(Li-li-life without mu-mu-music)
(Is like li-li-life without love.)
Lil' D: Man, if we ain't had no music, what would we dance to?
Kam: What would we sing to?
Madison: How would the little babies learn their ABCs?
All: OH NO!
(No "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star",)
(No "Old Macdonald had a Farm".)
Eddie: And birds would have nothin' to say.
(No "Take me out to the Ballgame".)
(Life without music.)
(No-No, No-No)
Kam: This is terrible.
Philly Phil: Uhh, we wouldn't even whistle.
(No-No, No-No)
Kim: And we wouldn't have a heartbeat, 'cause we wouldn't know what a beat was.
(Life without music)
(Life without music)
Tamika: Tch, That's so lame! Man, we wouldn't even have no ringtones.
(Life without music)
Lil' D: Shawty, the phone wouldn't even ring.
Philly Phil: Uhhh, it would just vibrate.
Madison: At least no one would be able to download your songs.
Eddie: She's got a point.
(Life without—)
Lil' D: We gon' have to do somethin' about this.


This song expresses a dismal world without art, imagination, or music.