On the Farm is a song sung in "Too Cool for School". It is meant to convince all the celebrity teachers, minus Sunny, into leaving the school so the original staff members can get their jobs back.

Genre: Power pop


Well, I've been working in the sun
Early morning, having fun.
Whoa whoa (whoa whoa),
Whoa whoa (whoa whoa).
And when I'm doing what I do
I can whistle any tune I know, (I know) I know (I know).
Farming is cool.
What's to do
When you can plant a little seed
And watch it grow, grow, grow, grow?
Yeah, I know—
It's quite amazing when you look at it.
A little seed grows into something you can eat? Wow.
Well, I've been working on the farm
On my tractor, picking corn and beans, (and beans) and greens (and greens).
So, when I mosey into town
All the people come around to see, (to see) and sing (and sing).
They say farming is cool. I grow food—
Some fruits and vegetables, an extra bowl of goodness for your soul.
Ah, fo sho.
See, we like to have a good time on this farm.
Well, let me show you.
Here we go.


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