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Safety Last is the fifth episode in Season 2 of Class of 3000.


Westley's auditorium is destroyed, making Eddie's parents fear for his safety as the lead in the school play.


  • Principal Luna: May I help you?
    Renaissance fair actor: We were hoping you would let us in to destroy your school!
    Principal Luna: Yes, we are... not interested. (removes welcome mat and slams door)
  • Principal Luna: Tonight, she is our night. Those Renais are there, they think they can push us around, but there's one thing they didn't count on: New Emergency Plan R.
    Ms. Squattinchowder: Are we getting paid overtime for this?
    Principal Luna: Yes, you're not.


  • This was the second time that Mrs. Lawrence was shown and the third time that Mr. Lawrence was shown.
  • The music video, "Rapunzel", features all the characters dressed as classic fairytale characters.


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