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Study Buddies is the sixth episode in Season 2 of Class of 3000.


Not only did Li'l D fail the history test, but we learn that Sunny did as well. Both of them re-take the test and only Li'l D passes. Meanwhile the heat is really getting to Kam. As it gets hotter and hotter, he starts seeing things that are not what they really are. Kam, after finally getting into a river with the rest of the class, wants more cool water so we see him destroy the dam with a sledgehammer. As the water gushes though the breach in the dam, Sunny builds a canal, aqueduct, and a moat to protect the school. When he finishes, the history teacher gives Sunny an A+ for the test and Sunny also saves the school.


  • Kam: That's because I was born without any sweat glands.
    Kim: Unfortunately, he thinks it means he doesn't have to shower.
  • Tamika: This school is just way too hot! Observe. (throws egg at school)
    Sunny: Are you showing me how hot it is, or are you just egging the school again?
    Tamika: Uh, can't I do both?
  • Kim: Let's get this giant fan working before my brother mistakes one of us for a popsicle!
  • Kam: (to Philly Phil) If I split you open then I can GET SOME WATER!!


  • This episode aired just one day after a major heat wave was hitting the Northeastern part of the USA.


  • Song: Study Buddies.
  • Sunny failed a history test when he went to Westley, the same one that Li'l D failed.
  • This episode reveals that Kam was born without sweat glands.
  • Although the river that the kids found was infested with bacteria, the bacteria didn't really affect them in any way at all.
  • Li'l D and Sunny were the only two people who failed the history test and had to re-take it.
  • The punishment for failing the history test was not going on the next field trip, but Sunny took it when he was a kid. That means that either he got away with failing and still going to all the field trips after the test, or the punishment was changed.
  • This episode is wavy due to the heat wave.
  • When Madison is opening her locker, iTunes' closed captioning cites the sound effect as camera shutter clicking.


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