Study Buddies is a song played during the episode of the same name when Sunny studies for a history test he failed when he was a student. The song is about America's discovery, history, and road to independence. Containing four dialogue interruptions as well as an introductory spoken line, the entire song is sung/spoken by Sunny, with other characters making cameo appearances. The instrumentals consist of samples of "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" during the dialogue interruptions and "Yankee Doodle" during the verses, as well as the starting instrumental.

Genre: EDM, hip house, dance-pop, electro house

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

History never sounded this good.
In 1492, (Who?)
Christopher Columbus sailed
Across the Atlantic
'Til he reached the Bahamas.
[Dialogue interruption: Columbus is on his ship and is talking with some Native Americans. Sunny imitates a Native American]
Hey, man! Nice boat you got there, man! Huh? Oh go that-a-way!
In 1607,
The English would settle
In Jamestown, Virginia,
And who would get the medal?
Captain John Smith!
[Dialogue interruption: Smith is directing his builders as they construct buildings. Sunny imitates Smith]
Hey fellas! Hey, let's settle down right here! This is nice!
That's when it really started gettin' alive!
American Revolution's the name—
Too many taxes, and we ain't paying!
[Dialogue interruption: the Americans are rebelling against the British by dumping tea into the Boston Harbor. Sunny imitates the Americans]
Hey, it's time we stand up to y'all! How you goin' to tax me on sugar and then make me buy stamps—and then tea? Ha-ha!
In 1776,
America gets her independence.
Now, look up in the sky.
Let's celebrate—it's Fourth of July!
[Dialogue interruption]
Fireworks, picnics—
Whoo! We're a real country now! Ah!
In 1814, (Who?)
Francis Scott Key writes
The words to "The Starred Spangled Banner".
Sing with me!
O say can you see...

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