Suggestions? Questions[edit source]

Does anyone have any suggestions about possible corrections? I am 90% sure this script is not properly formatted, and I want to follow the proper formatting of a script—that is, if there is any one "correct" way of writing a screenplay.

P.S.: If you have a question as to why I format the way I do, please do not hesitate to message me and I will be happy to expound on my writing style as clearly as possible.

DoubleDeputy D (talk) 03:41, October 19, 2016 (UTC)

Some Clarification[edit source]

Some of my formatting techniques:

Descriptions[edit source]

  • Descriptions that modify the delivery of a line are in parentheses. Descriptions are not capitalized and are in adjective form. Descriptions are italicized, including the parentheses.
    • These descriptions do not take their own line; they are on the same line as the speaker and his or her accompanying dialogue.
      Lil' D: (stammering) Sunny?

Stage Directions/Actions[edit source]

  • Stage directions and actions, on the other hand, are in square brackets and are capitalized. Like descriptions, stage directions and actions are italicized, including the brackets.
    [Exit Kim.]
    [Enter Madison.]
    • These are generally given their own line.
      Albert: Because—
      [Albert turns on a fan, blowing off the trench coat man's hat—the man is Sunny Bridges.]
      Sunny: Oh, my hat!
    • However, some are embedded into the dialogue, depending on the length of the bracketed text and the readability of the line/s of text.
      Lil' D: Really, I don't. [Sighs] Okay, now what else can go wrong?
    • I will admit I am arbitrary on the formatting of bracketed text; I do not use many strict rules, but I prefer that any "Enter X" and "Exit X" be given their own line. I may combine "Enters"/"Exits" with other entries to avoid "doubling up"—that is, to avoid two or more consecutive lines of bracketed text without dialogue in between.

Please message me for further inquiry, suggestions, and/or constructive criticisms. :)? —DoubleDeputy D (talk) 04:00, October 19, 2016 (UTC) [edited 20:51, April 17, 2017 (UTC)]

Addenda[edit source]

For stage directions and actions, I also like to have entries starting with words such as "Flashback to", "Cutaway", "Cut to", and "Scene: ..." start a new line.

:'''Lil' D''': Something's wrong.
:''[Cut to the stage. The confused crowd murmur.]''
:'''Sunny''': I'm sorry; I just can't do it.

DoubleDeputy D (talk) 04:30, October 19, 2016 (UTC)

Bracketed and parenthetical text always follow the colon after the speaker's name. Also, the colon is always outside the strong text. Examples of proper formatting:

:'''Madison''': ''[Gasps]'' Is it in rock music?
:'''Stage Director''': ''(in Sunny's mind)'' Sunny, you're wanted onstage!

DoubleDeputy D (talk) 21:18, October 24, 2016 (UTC)

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