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Act 1:[]

[Scene: gymnasium. The crowd watches Tim White playing drums on stage. The camera pans over to kam and the crew.]

KAM: Li'l D you really think yo can beat all these kids and play in the finals back at R. O. deer Westley. (Philly Phil, Eddie and Madison cheering.)

ANGRY JUDGE: Shhhh??? Drumming?

EDDIE: Sorry?

LI'L D: Y'all think I'm gonna gonna win I know I'm gonna win. [He looks at Tim playing those drums.] At lease I think I'm gonna win.

[The Crowd cheers for him.]

MODERATOR: Thank you time white from Jefferson high. [The Kids playing Drums. Momo playing the Drum one time.] Now for our final entrance in this years qualifying round from Westley's school of the performing arts Li'l D? [Crowd cheering at him.] And after he's done the judge's will tabulate every saults so will be taking a short BBBBBRRRRREAK?????

LI'L D: OYGH y'all ready for this. [Crowd cheers and he plays as Tamika seeing The Beast sitting down over there.]

TAMIKA: Hey who's that guy siting back all himself.

KIM: Oh that's the guy who's won the drumming competition the last two years in a row.

PHILLY PHIL: Who ever wins this round has to face him. [The Beast biting the chair.]

KAM: Though he's never actually had to face in a ponente because anyone was supposed to have played against in the finals his meet with

unfortunate accidents. Plus wrecking them unable to complete. [The Beast rips the part of a chair.]

EDDIE: They call it. [The Beast spits off the part of the chair on the floor.] The Beast?

THE BEAST: BRAWWLAAARRREAA??? [The Beast eats the leg of a chair.]

TAMIKA: The Beast PPEEEHHH??? [The Beast Burps.] Is that an oversize hairball HHM He'll scare me not. [Tamika bites a chair made of armor breaking her teeth.] Dang these are superior quality chairs. [Li'l D finished his drums the crowd cheering for him.] [Scene: atlanta high school. The Kids leaving Atlanta High School.]

TIM WHITE: Congratulations Li'l D good job. [Shaking hands Tim leaves.]

LI'L D: Did I Tall y'all was going to win or did I tell y'all I was gonna win.

TAMIKA: Hey Y'all hey y'all I Gotta finish practicing this Hinglish Disongo and I can't keep up.

LI'L D: Why don't you wait till we get back to the school to do that.

TAMIKA: Cause I was supposed to figure it out last night and if we get back to school sunny gonna ask me to play it and then hill know i was skacking.

LI'L D: Alright will wait. [Tamika continues playing her Harp a shadow growing in size upon him he bumps into Li'l D.] Hey would you watch were your OOOOOOOHHOOO???

THE BEAST: [Pan up to the Beast zooms close to his face.] RRRRRRRAAAWWWWRRRRAA???

LI'L D: Okay everybody who's in the mood for some healthy jog in.


TAMIKA: Alright I nailed it yes come on y'all lets go. [Tamika loss around and see nobody there.] Hey you fools said she was gonna wait.


TAMIKA: Oh its just you you think you're though don't you well anybody scared of you see.


TAMIKA: What did you say to me.


TAMIKA: Uhh you want me to play that lasando again.

THE BEAST: RRRRAAAWWWWWHHH??? (Tamika plays the Harp The Beast loves it.)

TAMIKA: Well there you go guess all be heading back to school now [Tamika Walks and The Beast's hand on her face faces to him.]


TAMIKA: [Smiling.] Ah sweet sucker? [Giggles.] [Scene: cut to inside sunny bridges music classroom.]

PHILLY PHIL: I'm telling you that beast is savage.

SUNNY: Has this beast got down anything bad to you all yet.

LI'L D: No not yet?

MADISON: And we are gonna keep it that way—WEEEEEAAH??

SUNNY: And all these bad things he's supposedly done to people do you all have any prove that he was actually behind any of it.

KIM: Well we do have hearsay, roomer, and Innuendo—that's like three things.

SUNNY: Yep that's what I though you all seem to have put on the pants of judgement before you made sure you had a matching shirt affect. See what I'm saying.

LI'L D: No?

PHILLY PHIL: I don't I do not?

SUNNY: What I mean is? [The school bell rings.]

LI'L D: Battle stations y'all, who got my back with this beast. [Kids move over to Li'l D.]

EDDIE/KAM/MADISON/PHILLY PHIL: We are? [The Kids leave the music room. Sunny wipes the rattle.]

KIM: I understood what you're saying sunny.

SUNNY: You did?

KIM: You're saying my outfit Doesn't match we can't have that matching is very important to me.

SUNNY: No that's not what I'm saying.

KIM: No?

SUNNY: I'm saying I'm not sure we have all the facts on this beast guy. [Kim looks at her socks they don't match.]

KIM: Uh-huh so should I get a new shirt, or new pants, or both? [Sunny puts a towel on his head.]

SUNNY: Neither, tell you what I got a project for you come with me. [Scene: Sunny's house. Inside his crime lab in the dark the light turns on.]

KIM: Wait, this isn't the mall.

SUNNY: Kim for the last time I was making an analogy.

KIM: You mean my outfit looks fine!


KIM: Well I'm glad that settled. [Kim walks over.]

SUNNY: Wait I want you to help us figure out if the Beast is really behind all this Nonsense—Which is why I brought you here to my crime lab. Its jammed packed with all the state of the art top notch and very expensive crime fighting acquittement you need to get to the bottom of a mystery. Don't put you're soda there please. [Kim tips over her soda and spills Sunny goes in the time reversing machine.] This is my time reversing machine. [Going to reverse the spill. SPEEKING BACKWARDS:] Enihcam gnisrever emit ym si siht! [Reversing the soda spill. Back to going forward again.] Just set it for the time you want to repeat and zap. And this is my get anything to say what's on its mind thing. [Sunny blasts the dog to zapping of talking.]

TALKING DOG: If you feed me that same exact same dog food one more time I swear all! [Blasts the dog again to normal barking.]

SUNNY: Kim! [Sunny walks of to Kim holding a detective hat and magnifying glass.]

KIM: Can I borrow these—I got a pear of pants that would match this hat perfectly and of course glass goes with anything.

SUNNY: Oh Sure, but I want you to use the stuff in here to find out that if the beast is really the one behind all sabotage got it.

KIM: I get a fight for truth and justice while wearing a cool hat.

SUNNY: That's right!

KIM: Sweet?

SUNNY: And I'll be here to help you every step of the way so don't. [The superhero hat signal shows.] So don't stop what you're doing? I Gotta go Um Um Uh Can some peaches? [Sunny moves out grabbing a superhero costume slides down a pole.]

KIM: Something strange going on here mysteries signal spandex outfit [Looks at a mirror.] sliding down a pole. Oh my gosh sunny must secretly be a firemen with fireproof underpants, incredible how do you do it Detective Kim—MMM it's a gift. [Winks her eye. Fade to Black.]

Act 2:[]

[Scene: fast snack.]

TAMIKA: I really should be getting back to school.


TAMIKA: Well for one thing this. Harp thing kinda heavity carrying around. [Tamika puts down the Harp.] But I also think my friends must be a little worried about it now. I'm sorry Beast but I Got to go. [The Beast gives a flower to Tamika. She takes the flower.]


TAMIKA: What makes you think I want your Stupid flower. [The flower gets rewind The Beast starts to cry. Tamika Growls at the People. The People walks away.]

TAMIKA: Slipping to my baby when ain't nobody looking. Look here Beasty Boy I Got to rip to maintain. You can't be getting all up in my real would that mushy stuff when other folks be watching.


TAMIKA: Yeah you must be GUUGGGGUGGGAS to. [Laughing] [The Man comes over seeing the beast. Tamika gets angry] What you looking at.

[Cut outside the fast snack the Kids look behind the Bush.]

LI'L D: Security the Beast could be anywhere who know what he's capable of y'all still in.

PHILLY PHIL: Affirmative!

KAM: Roger that!


LI'L D: Let's Move? [The Kids move out.]

TAMIKA: [With The Beast with origami color paper.] Okay now pick a color.


TAMIKA: R. E. D. [The Customer watching.] Okay let's see what it said's I like you.


TAMIKA: I got to admit something that all said I like you. [A lot of I like you on this origami paper.]

THE BEAST: BRAAAAA??? [Philly Phil and Kam drops down to the ground and opens the door. The Customer hides under the register. Madison on a rope drops down on the floor. Li'l D looks a the Customer hiding under there.]

LI'L D: Two packs of juice and jango gums please. [The Customer comes out Li'l d gives money to The Customer. Tamika looks a Li'l D.] Keep the change.

TAMIKA: Oh man oh man it's my friends oh they home with you quick you Got to hide. [Tamika pops out Li'l D sees her.]

LI'L D: Hey Tamika? [Her Kids come over.]

TAMIKA: There coming there's no time. [Tamika throws away her Harp lifting The Beast.]

LI'L D: We've been looking all over for you I need as my head of security my top cop you know what I mean. [She puts The Beast in the freezer.]

TAMIKA: I'm so sorry hey Li'l D what's up? [Closing the freezer door.] Please forgive me call me okay. [Tamika walks away as The Beast gets freezy.]


LI'L D: Tamika I will be in the public a lot today for Pretension gotten to be air tight. [Zoom out to the Kids.] So I need you to spend the day filling in this last spot right there.

TAMIKA: You know Li'l D as important as that sounds I got other plans.

LI'L D What's more important to protecting me from the Beast so I could win this drum Huntitle for whistling.

TAMIKA: I just think you got the beast all wrong as all.

KAM: [Pointing.] Then how do you explain that. [The wreck drums up on a tree.]

MADISON: Gosh! What kind of dummy would wanna practice up there.

LI'L D: [Grabs Madison and pushes her.] My drum set?

KIM: The drum appears to be stuck in some sort of tree.

EDDIE: The Beast has struck again.

TAMIKA: I'm Telling y'all the beast would not do this.

KAM: Oh yeah! Then who would?

TAMIKA: I don't know fool but I got to get out of here.

LI'L D: Where are you going?

TAMIKA I Got to go can some peaches. [Tamika runs away.] [Scene: park.] [Tamika untwist opens the lid of a peach jar having a picnic with The Beast.] So you see I had to through yo in that freezer cause one of my friends think of you they can't end this together they just don't understand can you ever forgive me. [The Beast Walks to pick up the rose bush he gives it to Tamika.]


TAMIKA: OOOHH? You got it got it Beast? [The Beast thanks him. Cut to Sunny and Kam.]

KIM: My detective Sense tells me there are more clues to be found about the beast here here I could be seen in this fabulous outfit by more people. [Seeing Sunny's huge face.]

SUNNY: I'm glad to see you're Pliying you're self like this Kim. Now the key to be in a good detective is Observation. picking up De-tales no matter how small you never know what Suttle be may unlock the great mystery. [The superhero hat signal shows again.] Okay so Uh I'm gonna go look for some clues behind that tree.

KIM: Okay you do that? [Sunny goes behind the the wearing the superhero costume takes the the ship and flies.] [The Beast pours some juice in a cup. Tamika sees that weird shine of light on that magnifying glass. She pokes The Beast down the hill.] It appears that The Beast is trying to rewind the grass in the park. [The Beast rolling down on the grass.] But why?

TAMIKA: I'm sorry baby! OUGH! We had to have another picnic okay—same time tomorrow. [Scene: cuts to inside the music room. Li'l D playing with his new drums the crowd likes it Li'l D is finished.]

LI'L D: Yeah its great! [Jumps over.] Thanks of me for the new drum set Eddy.

EDDIE: No problem Li'l D. [Shaking hands.] Being filthy stinkin' rich does have its adveniches no matter what anybody saids. [He moves over to Tamika.] Does my falafrify impress you Tamika.

TAMIKA: No but I can impress my fist in your face. [Walks away from Eddie.]

EDDIE: What has gotten in to her she is even surlier then usual. [Hearts appear in his happiness.] Its so becoming?

MADISON: [Takes Li'l D over here.] Good luck in the drumming finals today Li'l D.

KIDS: [Thanking Him.] Yeah Good luck Li'l D?

LI'L D: Listen y'all I gotta so set up in the auditorium in a minute but I want to to know how much I preciate all y'all done for me for the last few days the fearless protection, the self of support, the new drum set. [Li'l D turns around and sees that his new drumset got destroyted.] What the! I don't believe this! When I was standing right here. [Screaming to his friends.] To inter y'all don't know seeing anything. [Turning Kim over here to face him taking of her hat.] Kim you're supposed to be a detective explain to me this could happen.

KIM: Huh? Oh no look you're drums have been destroyed. [Takes her hat.] To the crime lab? [She runs away with her hat fell off.]

EDDIE: Its like the Beast is unstoppable!

TAMIKA: I'm telling you guys the Beast would not do this.

LI'L D: And why do you keep on stickin' up for the beast like this Tamika.

PHILLY PHIL: Yeah do ya love them. [Giggles.]

EDDIE: Of course she doesn't right Tamika.

TAMIKA: Of course I don't love him right Tamika I mean if I loved him the why would I take this heart shaped picture of him and tare it up huh. [Tearing up her heart shaped picture.] Why would I do that of this box of chocolates huh why would I breaking in half like this. [She breaks the box takes the note.) or the card could came with Uuhhmm why would I crush her like a [Getting Angry.] baby birds neck why would I do that huh. [Seeing her eyes hypnotize Philly Phil covered in boxes and chocolates.]

PHILLY PHIL: Um I'm confinst how about you guys.

EDDIE/KAM/MADISON: [Kids covered in boxes and chocolates.] Oh yeah that's super no doubt no doubt.

LI'L D: Hey everybody. [Li'l D point out the door.] Who wanna watch Eddy buy me a new drum set.

EDDIE/KAM/MADISON/PHILLY PHIL: I do, I do me lets go okay?

PHILLY PHIL: Get me away from him? [The Kids leaving the music room. Tamika rewind everything the box paper on the floor.]

TAMIKA: What have I done? [She picks up the pieces of box paper seeing this bandana thing.]

FLASHBACK BEAST: [Flashback. The Beast loves Tamika.] YYYYRRRRR??? [Winks his eye.] LLLLAAAAAAAWWWRRR??? [End flashback.]

TAMIKA: [Holding a bandana.] Beasty Bull? [Fade to Black.]

Act 3.[]

[Scene: auditorium.]

[In an empty auditorium. The Beast in spotlight on stage setting up the drums. Tamika comes over.]

TAMIKA: Hey Beast—almost done setting up for the contest.

THE BEAST: [The Beast found a Tamika doll.] HAAAWWWAARRRAA!!! [He pulls the lever.]

TAMIKA DOLL: No fools gonna beat my Beast. NNNNN NNNNNN???

TAMIKA: That's so sweet but listen I gotta ask you something—someone just messed up Li'l D's drum set and next to it. (pulls out a bandana.) I found this.


TAMIKA: Now don't deny it I know its yours.


TAMIKA: If you respect me at all you will meet what you did.


TAMIKA: Nuh-uh! you cant sweet talk your way out of this one. [Beast starting to cry.] This is your last chance so own up to it Beast.


TAMIKA: That is it? [Waving her hand.] We are through? [Tamika runs away the Beast cries. Scene: music room.]

TAMIKA: [Opening the door.] Listen you guys I'm sorry buy you y'all were right about. [Figuring out a mystery on what the Beast did to Li'l D's drums Kam takes a picture of it.] Haven't you all clean this up yet.

LI'L D: We did this is the second new Eddy just bought me and now he gotta buy me a third.

EDDIE: I what?

KAM: [Holding a camera.] The Beast must have destroyed it just a minute ago.

TAMIKA: But but that can't be—The Beast was in the auditorium a minute ago—I just saw him there?

PHILLY PHIL: He's in the auditorium?

LI'L D: Let's get him?

KIDS: Yeah get him? [Bringing out torches and pitchforks the Kids go to the auditorium to get the beast. Tamika looks around a Hawaiian Girls and a Farmer.]

TAMIKA: But the Beast couldn't have done this cause I was winning. Huh. This don't make sense. [Farmer comes close to her pointing a cabinet.]

FARMER: A Missy try checking inside the supply cabinet. [Tamika walks to the cabinet opening it that Tim White is in there.]

TIM WHITE: Uh Hi?—oh look paperclips found some well gotta go.

TAMIKA: Hold up? I Recognized you your Tim White the drum who love Li'l D in the qualifying round mm-hmm dang he was good.

TIM WHITE: Better then Li'l D by a long shot. [He found a bandana.] Hey my bandana? [Tim gulps and runs away.]

TAMIKA: Oh man, the Beast didn't do it. It's been that little punk all along. [Tamika fires her eyes.] FOOL? [Running in a powerful energy.] I teach you to make me brake over my friend. [Runs away in a zap. Scene auditorium: The Kids getting the Beast. Principal Luna comes in.]

PRINCIPAL LUNA: Stop this Frankenstein parody at once? [Luna pointing at Li'l D.] And you why have you not set up your drums yet huh. [Brings out a clock to tell the time.] The Audience is about to arrive.

LI'L D: Because someone destroyed them?

PRINCIPAL LUNA: (Gasps!) Fowled ray! [Luna brought out a signal.] Send up this superhero type signal. [Luna turns it on. a signal of his hat appears in the sky, Sunny appears as a superhero who fights crime.] A new superhero has been dazzling at love on late with his daring doom—He will get to the bottom of this.

KAM: But we already know who did it.


EDDIE: It's the Beast and you half to disqualify him.

PRINCIPAL LUNA: You are quite sure of this.


PRINCIPAL LUNA: You have proof? [The Kids in agreement.]

KAM: Well there are many instigating factors.

PRINCIPAL LUNA: Then the show must go on.

LI'L D: But I ain't got no drums man, I'm about to make a profit. [The Kids yelling in agreement.]

PRINCIAL LUNA: Please to keep from shouting? You are how do the say between a creek and a heart place without a puddle, But with a rock! [Li'l D's eyes hypnotizing.]

KIM: [Detective Kim jumps in and slams the doors open.] Not so fast? DUN DUN DUNNNN? Perhaps I have to prefect your require Principal Luna.

PRINCIPAL LUNA: I am how you say listening. [Scene: school corridor.]

TAMIKA: [Chasing Tim around the school.] Oh you can run fool—but you can't hide. [Behind the soda vending machine.] I said you can't hide.

TIM WHITE: EEAAH!!! [Tamika chases Tim to a sign that says circus arts tent. Scene: auditorium.]

KIM: I will now prove beyond the doubt the Beasts skit with this the get anything to say what's on its mind thing.

[Scene: circus arts tent. Near the end of the chase, Tamika chasing Tim runs into the circus arts' tent, and locks himself in a cage...]

TIM WHITE: Ha Ha! [He looks over there which contains a lion growling. Tim screams, Tamika Roars.] I'm cool in here? [Scene: auditorium.]

KIM: Here's your proof Principal Luna. So Beast are you the one who wrecked Li'l D's drum set.

EDDIE: [Shivering.] P. P. Plus the two that I bought. [The Beast groaning. Detective Kim zaps him to see what happens.]

THE BEAST: [In his mind of talking voice.] I don't believe I need to dignify such scurrilous accusation with the response. [Zaps the Beast again to his normal voice.] RRAAWWWRRAAAAHAAAHAAAARRRRRAAAHAAAAAALAAAALAAAAAALAAAALAABLAAAAAAAAAUMMMM!!!

PRINCIPAL LUNA: That's proof enough for me. [Opens the curtains as the crowd cheers.] Thank you thank you so much I have deserved that. [Laughs.] I am here to announce that the Beast has been disqualified. So please as me by award this years original drumming championship to——

TAMIKA: Not so fast Principal Luna? [Crowd Gasps!]


TAMIKA: [Tamika then comes up on stage carrying Tim.] Here's the guy who really did all that stuff. Turns out he been first run off in the qualifying round the path for years in row. And made dandelions in the drums of the guys who beat him an annual invent. Ain't that right Timmy.

TIM WHITE: OUGH! I have no idea what she's talking about.

TAMIKA: Have you any idea the powered wedgie caught in a position to give you right now.

TIM WHITE: It's true I did it it was me.

TAMIKA: I just hope the curtain someone can forgive for the mistake I mean.

EDDIE: Tamika I Forgive you? [Tamika punches Eddy.]

TAMIKA: Not you fool?

TIM WHITE: What about forgiving me for my mistakes. [Tamika chokes Tim's neck and walks out.]

PHILLY PHIL: LOOK? [Seeing Sunny flying around the auditorium getting Tim White.]

SUNNY: No more drumming for you Timmy. Looks like you been snared by justice. [Sunny flies off his superhero costume of seeing Kim.] What happened did I miss anything.

KIM: Just my solving the crime. [The lights turn on for her.] And looking fabulous while doing it.

PRINCIPAL LUNA: The drum off she shall go on? [The Curtains open up as the crowd cheers a white screen is shown for a second.]

[Song "Drum Off Lil' D vs. The Beast".]

THE BEAST: [The Beast begins!.] ♪STICKS?♪ [Game starting up. The Beast beats and plays drums in 30 seconds.] ♪TAKE THAT!♪ [Laughs, Still beating he drums harder and harder and harder and harder and hardest of them all which involves a drum-playing contest with Li'l D playing against an eighth grader, "The Beast."]

LI'L D: [White Light Flashing to Li'l D and he begins!] ♪Sticks♪ [Li'l D beats and plays drums in 30 seconds to.] He Plays it harder and harder and harder and hardest of them all.] ♪I'm gonna teach you a thing or two bring it. You ain't funky.♪

THE BEAST: FUNKY DRUMMER YOU ARE NOT? [The Beast still playing drums harder and harder in 20 minutes.] ♪LET'S GO?♪ [Li'l D still playing drums harder and harder in 10 minutes.] ♪STAIR PAYBACK KICK?♪ [The video game begins in 30 seconds, White screen shown again in It is performed in the style of a video game, with Lil' D and The Beast choosing their drums and drumsticks and being scored based on their performances. The end result is The Beast beating Lil' D. It features no real lyrics. Genre: Electro-industrial, dark wave, electronic rock, synthpop.]

LI'L D: ♪Hit!♪ ♪Hit!♪ ♪WHOOO!♪ ♪Hit!♪ ♪Hit!♪ ♪Do it♪ ♪Hit!♪ ♪Hit!♪ ♪WHOOO!♪ ♪Hit!♪ ♪Hit!♪ ♪Do it slam!♪

THE BEAST [Laughs] ♪I SEE I SHEEL WELL.♪ [Li'l D Blasts the beast and misses.] ♪BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH?♪ [Rap over and over.] ♪NOT GOOD ENOUGH?♪ [The Beast Blasts Li'l D and stops it.]

LI'L D: ♪To slow you play like my grandpa you ain't no wreck for me symbols to slow?♪

THE BEAST: ♪YOU CALL THAT DRUMING!♪ ♪I WILL DESTROY YOU!♪ [Li'l D is defeated by The Beast, End song.]

PRINCIPAL LUNA: The Judges have chosen a winner. And cheese for the third consecutive year. [Pointing to the Beast.] Seymour eloriese Beast? [The Beast won jumps over the play the drums.]

LI'L D: [Taking of his hat.] Dang he beat me fair and square. Who can I complain to about this.

TAMIKA: [Tamika walks over for him] Ah? Hey baby I'm so proud of you and I don't care about who know it. Baby? [The Lady's think the Beast is pretty awesome in itself.] HMM. turns out that punk was a jerk after all just not in the way everybody thought.

EDDIE: Don't worry Tamika love heels all once.

TAMIKA: Is that so—what is love most heel your head when I Beat it down between your shoulders.

EDDIE: Let us not fight pumpkin let's talk about something else.

MADISON: Oh I know lets talk about Sunny I Think he's the superhero.

SUNNY: [Giggles] Girl you're crazy?

KIM: Impossible. I already figure out that he's a firemen.

KIDS: [Agreement.] Oh really firemen or superhero very good.

SUNNY: Phew that was close? [Sunny flying on a ship.] Might be time for me to hang up the spandex.

[Sunset occurs as Sunny flying through the atlanta city. The episode ends.]