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(Scene: Flea Market)

Efron: Excuse me my good man you've spelled flea wrong. This is a market where people deal in k-nick k-nacks you're spelling of flee imp—

[The customers trample Efron.]

Person 1: The sign says we should flee!

Person 2: Run for your lives!

Efron: (gets up) Mm-much better!

[The customers return and trample Efron again.]

Person 1: Everything’s fine!

Person 2: It was just a typo!

[Enter the music septet holding boxes and walking over Efron who is still on the ground.]

Li’l D: (tips his hat and stepping over Efron) Hey, Efron.

Efron: (lifts his upper body) Good day, Li’l D!

[Tamika steps on Efron’s head while walking with a box.]