Two to Tango is the last episode of the series.


When Sunny and Mila fight after their respective class pull multiple pranks on each other, things go wrong and this has an effect on the two. So, both classes must figure out a way for Sunny and Mila to get over their hatred for each other.


  • Tanya: You are being a big baby to me!
    Lil' D: No, you are being a big baby to me!
    Tanya: Well you are!
    Lil' D: That's it!
  • Mila: Now let's all try it. Places. Don't worry; I brought more vases.
  • Tanya: ...And we're not gonna play second fiddle to you!!
    Madison: Of course not, silly! I play the fiddle (Madison snorts.)
  • (Last lines after the party bus drives off without Lil' D and Tanya)

Lil' D: How dare them! It was my gig to make Sunny get us a party bus!

Tanya: Oh this is all your fault! Way to go, Lil' D!



  • Song: Two to Tango: This song is the last one of the series and the only one sung by Lil' D, Eddie, Tamika, Madison, Philly Phil, Kim, Kam, and Miss Lopez's students. It takes place in the auditorium and later at a night sequence as they try to bring their teachers back together.
  • This episode is the series finale to make a place for Ben 10: Alien Force.
  • This is the first and only episode to debut the character Tanya--a student from Miss Lopez's dance class.
  • The ending: Lil' D and Tanya both lost the party bus and Class of 3000 ended with them arguing.
  • Last line of the show: (spoken by Lil' D) What? THIS IS YOUR FAULT!!
  • This episode is one of the few episodes that was never aired on television or released on iTunes.
  • This is the only episode with appearances of Tanya and Mila's other students like the long braided student and the chubby student.
  • Lil' Rod makes a guest appearance as as himself who introduced Sunny and his students to his party bus and then appeared in the end having all the students (except Lil' D and Tanya) for a ride in his party bus.
  • A running gag is when Sunny's music class and Mila's dance class were on a split screen (one class in each shot) a random man pulls it away, revealing that the line turned out to be actually a flat thing (first when they were in the auditorium, the line was a board pulled by Jan and then when they were in the cafe the line was an umbrella pulled by a man).
  • Lil' Rod's party bus includes a soda fountain (with six different flavors of root beer), a video arcade, a big screen plasma TV, an ice cream bar, and a ten-speaker sound system.


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