Dual89 Proxima Dual89 Proxima 8 April

Rules Page and Major Changes

Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing well. This wiki has been long overdue for a rules page now and I've made a rules page to outline some of the things that are important for this wiki. Please take the time to read these rules. Most of these rules are general rules. A link to the rules page will be added to the top navigation of the wiki to help people find it. Please keep in mind, the rules page will still be updated. If there are any questions or suggestions for rules, please leave a comment.

With the UCP changes among other things, the wiki will also get a new design mostly in the top navigation, a css design, and additional designs to the look of the wiki.

If there are any questions, suggestions or comments you have about the rules …

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Dual89 Proxima Dual89 Proxima 9 January 2016

Wiki Adoption

Hello guys, I am Dual89 Proxima. I am a fan of Class of 3000. I am interested in adopting this wiki in hopes of fixing it up. Any thoughts from any users here?

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