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Vote Sunny is the thirteenth episode in Season 2 of Class of 3000.


The kids intensely campaign for Sunny to get him nominated for Atlanta's Teacher of the Year. But only one of them can accompany him to the awards dinner. So he organizes a "musical septathlon" to determine who goes with him. However, the end result is a tie and Sunny and the kids decide no one will go with him. But on that very evening, each of them try to sneak into the dinner, eventually working together to see if Sunny will win. Will their efforts lead to his being disqualified as Teacher of the Year?


  • Madison: (gasp) You fixed 'em! Teamwork! YEAH!

(Madison gives Li'l D a high five, with the "Vote Sunny" pin in her hand.)

  • Li'l D: OW!



  • Song: Teacher of the Year: In this song, the setting is a fancy art sequence where the kids perform while the staff dances.
  • Kim wore a red dress in this episode before she and the kids dress as spies.
  • Salieri (from "Westley Side Story") made a brief cameo in a photo on a truck near the beginning, and at the "Teacher of the Year" Awards banquet.
  • This is the last episode that aired on Cartoon Network in America.
  • This episode reveals the circus arts teacher's name to be Mr. Barnum.
  • In order to determine who will go with Sunny to the awards banquet, Sunny arranges a musical septathalon; the student with the most points gets to go with Sunny.


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