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Westley Side Story is the ninth episode in Season 1 of Class of 3000.


While Kim and Kam's sibling rivalry escalates, the Westley kids are challenged by crosstown rivals from Eastley whose teacher is an old foe of Sunny's. Driven to a teamwork boot camp by Sunny's determination to win back an award he lost as a preteen, Kim and Kam become the only hope for a Westley victory when the other kids' instruments are destroyed.


Sunny is teaching the Westley kids how to recognize rhythms around them.


  • Kim can play the piano. This is proven when she plays the "Kim Kam Jam" with Kam.
  • This is the only episode of Class of 3000 to have a cast members' name(s) in the song title ("Kim Kam Jam").
  • The Eastley kids look like the Westley kids:
  • This is the first episode to star mainly the Chin Twins.
  • Sunny has won a Grammy Award, an award in fashion, and a Nobel Prize in Physics.
  • Song: Kim Kam Jam: Showing the Westley kids (portrayed by a light blue apple creature) in peace while the Eastley kids (portrayed by a fat red monster) are trying to ruin their happiness.
  • The title is a parody of the movie West Side Story.
  • Sunny imitates both Gollum and Gandalf from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, by repeating that the blue ribbon is "his precious" and shouting "They shall not pass!" (He even had the staff.)
  • Eddie gives a coyote a $100 bill, but in "Eddie's Money", he said that he didn't that know the government made anything less than $1,000 bills. However he also learned the value of a dollar in that episode, which may mean he started carrying smaller money.
    • When Philly Phil asks what a coyote would do with 100 dollars, Eddie says "If cartoon memory serves me correctly, he'll spend it on a pair of ACME rocket skates," a reference to Wile E. Coyote. Wile E. appears again later on ACME rocket propelled skates and howling like a real coyote. He does the infamous "pause" and a subtitle is seen that reads "'Coyote' (Jokus Callbackus)".
  • There is a reference to E.T. at the end of the episode, when the coyote flies across the moon.
  • This is the first episode since "Peanuts! Get Yer Peanuts" that doesn't include the "Ow, my eye!" joke.
  • This episode includes a reference to Survivor, which they voted off Kim and Kam.
  • The rival teacher's name is Salieri which is the same last name of the man who beat out Mozart for Chamber Master Composer.


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